Genome2D webserver for analysis and visualization of bacterial genomes and transcriptome data.

by Anne de Jong, Molecular Genetics, University of Groningen

This bioinformatics server will gradually replace the windows version of Genome2D which can be downloaded here.

At Molecular Genetics of the University of Groningen we have special interest in genomics and transcriptomics of Gram-positive bacteria such as;

Lactococcus lactis, Bacillus subtilis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus cereus and Enterococcus feacalis.

keywords: bacteria, prokaryote, genomics, genomes, database, operons, promoters, terminators, intergenic regions, DNA motif mining, transcriptomics, blast, prediction, DNA microarray, functional analysis, classification, KEGG pathways, COG, GO, InterPro, regulons, normalisation, limma, visualisation, genome map, genomic tools, table conversions, fasta, tab delimited, aligning tables, data handling

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